While some of you know my real name and I’m not necessarily hiding it, I plan to refer to my family a bit more anonymously. So here is a cheat sheet so you can know who were all are.  I’ll be editing this page from time to time.  You’ll notice that we have several lawyers in our family.  Dude says he can’t escape them.


  • Sweets = Me (DH gave me this nickname based on the screen name I used on JDate when we met)
  • Dude = My husband (His sister calls him this and two of our nephews call him “Uncle Dude”)
  • Little Man = Our toddler son
  • Wonder Dog = Our dog, who I rescued on 8/11/00. His real name is Casey.
  • Grandma = My mother
  • Bumpa = My father, Little Man’s name for him
  • Uncle Dickens = My younger brother, whose favorite author is Charles Dickens
  • Nana = Dude’s mother
  • Poppy = Dude’s father
  • Aunt S = Dude’s older sister, SAHM
  • Uncle J = Aunt S’s husband, Attorney
  • H = S&J’s older son
  • Stinky Feet = S&J’s younger son
  • Uncle M = Dude’s older brother, Judge
  • Aunt C = Uncle M’s wife, Attorney
  • Mr. L = M&C’s oldest child and only son
  • Miss M = M&C’s oldest daughter
  • Fancy = M&C’s middle daughter
  • GG = M&C’s youngest daughter
  • Meema = Dude’s aunt (Nana’s sister), who never married and dotes upon her great nephews and nieces

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