Today is the day.  Little Man’s second developmental intervention session and the first full week of therapy. DI is Tuesdays/Thursdays and speech therapy will be on Fridays, but this week it’s Wednesday because he’s finally having his hearing test this Friday. (Of course he has ANOTHER ear infection… but this time it will be 6 days on antibiotics by then.) His initial session last Tuesday went well, I think. I hope his therapist is able to catch him up. And I’m very much looking forward to the speech sessions starting. Little Man is aching to talk, but he just can’t get the words out. I think the shove will propel him and he’ll be a chatterbox (like his mama) in no time.

Life is going full throttle as well.  As I wrote briefly yesterday, Little Man is now TWO!  It’s actually the only number he knows.  (When he counts, he goes “two… two…”) He finally needs a haircut.  And it’s funny, it’s not like he has a full head of hair.  Thus far, his hair is actually fine and somewhat sparse. But what hair he DOES have is long and crazy curly. So it’s time. I’ll miss his baby curls when they’re snipped. But he needs that cut. And maybe it will help his hair to grow? I keep hearing that. Any hairdressers read my blog? Please feel free to pipe in.

Since I just linked my blog to Facebook, it’s possible some of my friends will start reading this. I guess I tend to overshare and I’m working to make my thoughts more general and not specific. My husband is my opposite–extremely private–and I don’t want to betray confidences. But at the same point, I don’t think Little Man’s speech and developmental delays are anything to hide. Nor do I think my fears should be hidden. There is nothing shameful about a child needing help or possibly having a problem.

Now I still think and hope that Little Man’s tantrums and behavior issues are mostly due to his delays. And there are times when he is EXTREMELY good and well behaved for a 2-year-old.  And there are times when his behavior is just typical for a toddler. They have fits. They scream if they don’t get their way. I also know that most 2-year-olds at this time are saying more than he is and are more advanced socially. But my son mostly has a smile on his face and he is so affectionate. I have a strong belief that by his 3rd birthday, he’ll be typical and even more fun to be around.

I love my son so much. I’d do basically anything for  him. I realize that I’ve done TOO much FOR him–instead of pushing him to do things–and I’m working to correct that. I don’t want my only to be a spoiled brat. I want him to share (whenever toddlers figure that one out) and play with other children. I want him to make friends and NOT be a “lonely only” and I want him to be happy. Childhood is so brief and I want him to enjoy it, without any obstacles. So catching things “early” is a good thing.