My blog post yesterday about the woman who drove her car into the Hudson River was written prior to more information about this tragedy. Here’s an updated article about it (as of April 14th at 10:30 am).

I made assumptions about this woman without knowing the full story. Though my initial reaction of horror remains. Because I cannot imagine murdering my children, no matter how distraught I may be. But I am lucky in having the support of a loving family. I know that, if I ever needed them, they’d be there for me. My aunts and uncles, too, even though my relationship with them has been damaged due to my brother’s interactions with them. They love me, but because I live with my brother, I don’t see or speak to them as often as I would had had I not moved in with my family.

People make assumptions all the time. About how well off one may be. About others’ lives. And there is that saying about making assumptions: Never assume, for it makes an ASS out of U and ME.

I’m going to try to teach Little Man to make decisions based on fact. Or, at the very least, to be willing to let his mind be changed. But I want him to be true to himself as well. Teaching him to be able to find a balance will be my true job as a parent.

So those are my thoughts today. And I also still tend to track monthly milestones as today Little Man is 20 months old. In just 4 more months, he’ll turn 2. And over the next 30 days I plan to keep an eye (or ear) on his speech. His pediatrician said if he wasn’t speaking in 2 word sentences by 21 months to make an appointment to discuss his speech. I don’t want to ASSUME he’ll need Early Intervention, but I also don’t want to dismiss it. Hopefully he’s on track and will catch up. I guess we’ll see.