I found out I was pregnant.  Time sure does fly.  Now I have an amazing 15-month-old son who is the light of my life.  Then, just a week later, Dude’s beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel died–on my mom and brother’s birthday. What a roller coaster of emotion that time was.  Here we were, overjoyed to be expecting our first child, and a beloved pet dies. Even though she was 15, it was hard.  And we didn’t want to say anything to our families that early (at only 4 weeks along) so we waited until I was 8 weeks.  A bit early, but I felt that if anything happened I’d want my family to know. So why not share?

Last year, on Black Friday, I slept as much as possible because Dude was home with me to share the burden of caring for a 3-month-old who still wasn’t sleeping through the night (and that took time). I didn’t go out, that I recall. I just remember being TIRED.  Actually, I’m pretty tired today. But my sleep issues have nothing to do with Little Man.

So this past Friday, we actually WENT OUT.   We stopped by my parents’ house.  We ran some errands.  And when Little Man fell asleep in the car on the way home, we spontaneously decided to head to the outlets that were about a 30 minute drive–so he’d sleep longer–and if it was too busy, we’d head back. But by 4:30 pm, the crowds must have slowed down a bit.  So we hit up Carter’s and Stride Rite and got a few basics for the boy.  His first pair of real sneakers (which he likes better than the leather shoes we got him) and a few pairs of pants and shirts in 24 month size.  They’re a bit big, but the 18 month stuff is a bit tight.  He’s right in the middle… almost out of one and almost in the other. But spending the little money we have on our son is worth it. Plus he needs clothes, right?

Maybe next year, on Black Friday, this mom can buy herself something nice.  Here’s to a better year ahead and perhaps a better economy and better jobs for my entire family.