Little Man is WALKING!!!!

They day before he turned 15 months, last Saturday, he just up and walked at my in-laws’ apartment.  We were there for my 3-year-old niece’s birthday party and he started walking about an hour before they arrived. I was so excited.  My baby was walking! Of course Dude’s brother was a “Debbie Downer” and was like oh don’t get excited because it’s more work.  I didn’t know him when their oldest child started walking but I want to ask someone if he was excited. But he doesn’t seem the gushy type to me. Oh well, not everyone can be exuberant, right?

Here’s video from the Monday after Little Man started walking, taken at my office.

On Tuesday, Little Man had his 15 month well visit and it went quite… well. lol

Weight: 26 lb 9 oz (75th percentile, down from 90th)

Height: 32.5 inches (90th percentile)

Little Man is meeting all his milestones and is, thankfully, healthy.  He does still have a bit of that umbilical hernia, but our pediatrician told Dude and I that some children have this until age 4 and not to worry. We only asked because his belly button is an odd looking outie and we weren’t sure if it was just an outie or something else.  And I have to say that we were glad to say he was walking. Both of us were a bit concerned that he wasn’t just days before even though we knew that we were late walkers ourselves.

I don’t know why we get stuck on “milestones” but I think parents inevitably do. I like Babycenter’s chart the best. Little Man is ahead on some, on time with others and behind on a few. So that means he’s probably average overall with development and that’s fine with me.  Though his word count is far ahead of what they think a 15-month-old should say. He’s up to almost 40!

Here’s the updated list. I may have forgotten a few, so it could be more (also a favorite word of his).

  1. Mama
  2. Dada
  3. Nana (for both my MIL and my coworker, Ana)
  4. Da Daw (the dog)
  5. Moo (cow)
  6. Baa (sheep)
  7. Dibbit (ribbit for frog)
  8. Up
  9. Down
  10. Dis (This)
  11. Dat (That)
  12. Ah Dun (all done)
  13. Mahr (more)
  14. Duck Duck (ducks)
  15. Donnuh Duck (Donald Duck)
  16. Lala (Elmo)
  17. Hola
  18. Agua
  19. Baba (bottle)
  20. Na Nok  (he bangs on doors and says knock knock)
  21. No
  22. Hello
  23. Nap Nap (why twice, I don’t know, but that’s for nap)
  24. Bir (Bird)
  25. 25. Uh-oh
  26. Kuh (cup)
  27. Snack (sounds more like sna)
  28. Key (Mickey Mouse or Cookie Monster)
  29. Ma-la-lay (Marmalade, one of my brother’s dogs)
  30. Buh (Book)
  31. Puh (Puffs)
  32. Mill (Milk)
  33. Meema (the name for my MIL’s sister)
  34. Papa (for my FIL)
  35. Bubba (Other babies)
  36. Mew (for cats, meowing)
  37. Door
  38. Wubba Wubba (Does that count? It’s for Grover!)

Other stats:

  • Eye Color: Hazel. They turn greenish gray when he wears green and a brownish gray at other times.
  • Hair: He’s getting more, but it’s still quite fine. The color is a dark blonde.
  • Diaper Size: Still a 4, and generally Huggies
  • Clothing: Mostly the 18 month outfits, but some 24 month
  • Shoes: The few he has are in 12-18 month (Robeez) or 5.5 Wide (Stride Rite)
  • Sippy Cups: He prefers the Nuby Flip-n-Sip
  • Bottles: Unfortunately yes, for milk.  And he won’t hold them himself.
  • Utensils: He likes to try to feed himself with sporks and spoons.
  • Favorite Toy: Still his Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Home
  • Best Friend: Our dog, who he tries to play with all the time!

I have to say, this is such a fun age.  The only thing I’m not liking is the temper tantrums. But I guess it comes with the territory, right?