The other day when I wrote about my friendship ending, Little Man turned 14 months old. I’m not taking photos each month like I did the first year—though I still take quite a lot of pics—so I decided to share a bit of what he’s doing now, as an “almost-toddler.” I say “almost” because he’s NOT walking yet. Yeah, I realize he’s not behind per se (especially as I didn’t walk until 17 months and Dude was about 18 months) but when we go to gymnastics class at the Y and all the others are walking (and, yes, they’re older), I feel like something is wrong.

But he does talk. Sort of. At least Dude and I and people close to Little Man understand him. He can say:

  • UpDown (he knows what UP and DOWN means and says them both, but likes to say it as one word)
  • Mama
  • Dada (though Dude thinks he doesn’t say it or know who he is)
  • Nana
  • Daw (Dog)
  • Duck
  • Don Duck (Donald Duck)
  • Maa (for Moo and Cow)
  • Ah Dun (All Done)
  • Dat (That)
  • Baba (Bottle)
  • Ah-wah (Agua, from my Dominican coworker who adores Little Man)
  • Hola (He says it in Spanish but no Hello yet)
  • Hah Daw (Hot Dog from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)

I may edit this list as I think of other words. I want to be sure to remember this… since I forget things so quickly.

Little Man also got his 7th tooth on Thursday (bottom left lateral incisor finally broke through). He hadn’t cut a bottom tooth since he was 6 months old! No molars yet, but you can see where they will eventually erupt. And I guess tooth #8 will show up soon (the other bottom lateral). He eats pretty well, but I still worry if he’s getting enough protein. He loves his carbs.

In other stats, he’s still in size 4 diapers and he’s wearing 18 month clothing—unless it’s cut small, like Polo or BabyGap for shirts. His torso is still longer than his legs. I’m not sure when or if that will change.  Most of his wardrobe is from Carter’s, which I find fits him quite well. But Gap and Old Navy has some really cute stuff.

So my baby is becoming more and more of a boy. 14 months… wow.