No more monthly photos—not that I shared them here, though I think I should finally do so—but today Little Man is 13 months old. And to commemorate the milestone, I took him to his pediatrician to make sure his right eye was OK since it had been tearing for several days. His pedi couldn’t find anything wrong but wanted to make sure everything was all right (as it was just ONE eye tearing) and sent me to a pediatric ophthalmologist. The eye doctor thinks it was a foreign body but couldn’t see anything under his eyelid. Thankfully there were no scratches on his cornea.

So the morning was busy and Little Man did not nap—not his fault, I had to wake him to take him to the doctor. When he doesn’t get his morning nap (and I assume it’s still relatively common at 13 months) he is crankier during the day. Usually it’s his “better” nap (from around 8:30/9:00 am until 10 am) and the afternoon nap is hit or miss. Today he did nap at my office—for those who don’t know, he accompanies me to work as I work for a family-run business—for over an hour but when he woke up he was very clingy and I think the lack of earlier sleep affected him.

Overall, he’s such a sweet boy. He gives “kisses” to everyone (blows them) and gives me actual ones (open mouth on my cheek) and big hugs. He’s trying SO hard to walk but isn’t quite there yet. I often wonder if his larger size—he was 25 lb 12 oz today—is the culprit. He has a lot more to carry than a 20 lb baby. But I’m not really concerned about him not walking yet, since I didn’t walk until I was 17 months old and Dude was nearly 18 months when he took his first steps. But he’s getting much better at standing unassisted and actually did so for over a minute today. Progress!

Little Man just makes me smile. I am so grateful that he’s my son and a part of my life.

Peachy Keen!