For now I’ve settled on a blog design.  I liked the mommy giraffe and baby and the soothing green colors. Of course I may change my mind—change is good. And I think I’ve wasted too much time today on this when I should have been doing work.

So here’s the most recent updates about me and Little Man.

Torticollis regression: This began after he outgrew DOC Band #1 on February 18th.  I’m not sure if he was too used to the helmet on his head or if it was another reason, but Little Man’s tilt came back.  I don’t have percentages and he hasn’t seen a specialist. My pediatrician sent him to physical therapy when he was 2 months old and he’s been going for 4.5 months now. I’m really frustrated and worried. More so about his neck muscle than his head shape.

He Got DOC Band #2: Finally! After delays due to snow and a slight cold, Little Man got his new helmet on Monday, March 1st. Because of the style of band (specialized for brachycephaly) it tends to tip forward. And the helmet was seriously rubbing on a spot on the bridge of Little Man’s nose.  I think it’s fixed now, but I’m keeping an eagle eye on it.

Of course he’s more “aware” of this helmet because he’s older now (6.5 months) and he’s often tugging at the band and the velcro.  So I’m not sure how much that affects the redness. And I think it bothered him last night as he slept, since he was extremely restless.

Got his “Big Boy” Carseat: Since Little Man is a big baby, we moved him to a convertible car seat about two weeks ago. He seems to like it. We got a Britax Marathon CS in the Matrix pattern.

Not much else to report except that our dog, Casey, got his teeth cleaned.  Another expense we just put on the credit card. Debt is SO not fun. But Casey’s breath smells much better and as soon as his hot spot clears up (he was licking the shaved spot where his IV was) we’ll be good.

Ciao for now!