Little Man is getting his DOC Band today. I’m a jumble of emotions right now. I’m still feeling so terribly guilty for letting him sleep for hours on end in the same position in his infant carrier. And while I know I didn’t KNOW, it’s still hard to move past this. My husband keeps saying “it’s not your fault” but I was home alone with him for two months.

That sick feeling gets worse when I see photos of him from his first 6 weeks of life. It’s like the flatness happened overnight. But, honestly, it just got worse over the last two months (even though I kept him off his back as much as possible) and I’ve since found out that it’s NOT easy to reposition for Brachycephaly.

So now I’m feeling hopeful that Little Man’s head will finally “round out” and that he’ll do leaps and bounds better developmentally once his head is more balanced on his shoulders and not “front heavy”.

I haven’t really posted any photos of Little Man, but I will as his journey with Brachycephaly and a DOC Band continues.