For two hours this afternoon/evening. I can hardly believe it!

I tried to nap myself, but was unable to fall asleep. I hate when that happens—and it happens quite often. I think if I were able to fall asleep easier, I’d be more rested since Little Man does sleep in 4-5 hour stretches at night.

Now I just don’t know if I should wake him up to feed him so he’ll sleep tonight or if I should let him sleep so when Dude gets home from work we can eat our dinner in peace.

I’ll probably let him sleep even if it means I’ll be up all night (and with work tomorrow that will SUCK) because I’d like to eat dinner with both my hands. But figuring this stuff out is not easy. On my last post, Debbie said we analyze ourselves away from what is instinctive. My instincts say: Let Little Man sleep. So I will.