I work for my family’s business so my parents, who are my bosses, are allowing me to bring Little Man to work with me.  Due to the poor economy, I’m woefully underpaid and cannot afford the high costs of daycare. So this arrangement is they way I’m going. But I have to say it’s not easy.

I’m glad I have my son with me and that he’s not being cared for by strangers—no matter how qualified and caring they may be. However, it’s really hard to be productive while caring for an infant. As I type this blog, Little Man is sleeping in his Baby K’Tan sling and I’m getting work done (with this brief break, of course). I have a Pack-n-Play in my office and a play mat. I’ve ordered a travel swing and my cousin lent me her son’s bouncy seat (he’s 14 months old now and way too big for it) and her exersaucer for when Little Man is old enough.

But I worry that I won’t find a balance between getting my work done and giving my son the attention he needs and deserves.

Is this the best way? Probably not… but for now it’s the only way.   And my parents don’t want to see us tossed in the streets without my income paying for a huge chunk of our monthly expenses, so I’m “making this work” (in the words of Tim Gunn) and hoping it all works out.