But not for me!   My aunt stayed over last night to allow me to sleep and he slept through the night!

I’m thrilled that he did but am so jealous it wasn’t for me.

I hope this begins happening more and more frequently so I feel more rested and am better able to function at work.

I actually work for my family’s business. We’re wholesalers and have an office attached to a warehouse. And since my bosses are my mom and dad, I’m able to bring Little Man to work with me.  NOT that I’m terribly productive that way. But Dude and I are not that well off and we need both of our salaries to survive.  Putting Little Man in day care would allow me to get more work done but all of my salary would be paying for it.  So I bring him to work with me and save money that way. But how to keep him occupied and properly stimulated is not easy.

Yet if Little Man keeps sleeping through the night, I will be able to function better and will be able to get more done—even with the darling distraction of my son.